press release

“To repeat is to behave in a certain manner, but in relation to something unique or singular which has no equal or equivalent. And perhaps this repetition at the level of external conduct echoes, for its own part, a more secret vibration which animates it, a more profound, internal repetition within the singular.” -Deleuze

Do It Again
Repetition, Reflection and Repulsion in Contemporary Art

Künstler: Anne-Katrin Ahrens, Ernst Altmann, Carrick Bell, Sarah Bohn, Matthew Burbidge, Michael Conrads, Patrycja German, Hannes Gruber, Lisa Herfeldt, Frank Hülsbömer, Florian Köhler, Richard Neal, Mira O´Brien, Michael Pohl, Zachary Sandler / Joshua Sandler, Yps Roth, Malte Urbschat, Liliana Velez, Marlon Wobst