press release

Do the Right Bling starts with the jewellery collection of the Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch. The bling exhibition places a part of that collection in a new perspective. The word bling, or more often bling bling, calls up immediate associations with fame, money, and celebrities who drape themselves with gold and diamonds to emphasise their star status. The term has become enormously popular in recent years, developing from underground street lingo to trendy advertising language. Young and old alike know immediately what is meant by bling bling. Enormous shifts in the meaning of bling jewellery are hidden behind this development. What was originally an eloquent status symbol with emancipatory implications in the underground hip-hop culture now appears to be reduced to little more than a fashion statement. Bling presently means cheap ornament and 'pimped-up' trinkets full of gleaming fake gold and silver, because real bling is reserved for the wealthy few. This progress from an emancipatory statement to extravagant decoration is clearly traced in this associative exhibition.


Do the Right Bling

mit David Bade, Rebecca Batal, Dinie Besems, Lars Eijssen, Masahiro Fukayama, Janine Gordon, Marti Guixe, Marion Herbst, Jenny Holzer, Robert Indiana, Betsy King, Daniel Kruger, Christian Lacroix, Erik van Lieshout, Patrik Muff, Ted Noten, Judy Onofrio, Rodrigo Otazu, Annelies Planteijdt, Terry Rodgers, Philip Sajet, Peter Stel, Vaughn Stubbs, Studio Job, Frank Tjepkema, Matt Vescovo, Eric Wie, Max Wolf, Rhonda Zwillinger ...