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Doing Nothing anywhere is Vitamin Creative Space's project for Any Place Any-Art, Immigration, Utopia which is part of the program "New Balkans" organized by the Cultural Olympiad 2001 - 2004 at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece. Doing Nothing anywhere invited 7 Chinese artists to contribute a art piece which is reflecting the Chinese philosophy thinking "doing nothing is doing everything".

Artists participated in Doing Nothing anywhere: Chen Shaoxiong Chu Yun Hong Hao Kan Xuan Liu Chuang Song Dong Zheng Guogu.

Other artists participated in Any Place Any-Art,Immigration,Utopia Candice Breitz Christina Dimitriadis Evanthia Tsantila Ingo Gunther IRWIN Isabelle Cornaro Jan Rothuizen Jenny Marketou Lila Polenaki Vadim Zakharov

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Doing Nothing anywhere
Any Place Any-Art,Immigration,Utopia
Kurator: Christos Savvidis

mit Chen Shaoxiong, Chu Yun, Hong Hao, Kan Xuan, Liu Chuang, Song Dong, Zheng Guogu., Candice Breitz, Christina Dimitriadis, Evanthia Tsantila, Ingo Günther, Irwin , Isabelle Cornaro, Jan Rothuizen, Jenny Marketou, Lila Polenaki, Vadim Zakharov ...