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This investigation into domestic violence is based on the aesthetics and discourses currently being developed in cinema and video narrative, in order to create an atmosphere that will encourage reflection and discussion on violence and gender –in particular when it occurs within the home environment. It is structured in four parts: a programme of film and video; lectures and discussions; creation and diffusion of a platform on Internet and a web-page; publication of a book which contains specifically commissioned essays and artists’s works. Hitherto unpublished writing is translated into Spanish. Curated by Berta Sichel and Virginia Villaplana


1.Programme of cinema and video: 9 cinema and video programmes presenting work by artists like Paul McCarthy, Martha Rosler, Jean-Marie Teno, Lourdes Portillo, Sadie Benning, Tracey Moffat and Cecilia Barriga, among others.

2.Lectures and discussions: In an attempt to obtain a broad view and to cover as many different aspects as possible, the participation will be multidisciplinary: sociologists, artists, film-makers, writers, teachers and journalists.

3.The project: Violencia sin cuerpos. This project is curated by Remedios Zafra and explores the output of four groups of works by artists working on Internet: Cuerpos, ?qué importan?; Violencia simbólica en los mitos: evas y princesses frente a ciborgs; Cuerpos, cibersexo y vídeojuegos; Nueva visibilidad de lo privado y prácticas feministas on-line frente a la hegemonía (poder) camuflada.

4. Publication of a book: This will contain a series of essays and work prepared specifically for the publication, with unpublished texts translated into Spanish. Furthermore, the technical record and synopsis of each work selected will be included.


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Videos, films and lectures on Domestic Violence
Kuratoren: Berta Sichel, Virginia Villaplana, Remedios Zafra

Arbeiten von Paul McCarthy, Martha Rosler, Jean-Marie Teno, Lourdes Portillo, Sadie Benning, Tracey Moffatt, Cecilia Barriga