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MADRE MUSEUM | Via Settembrini 79
80139 Naples

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For her first solo exhibition in Naples, Donatella Di Cicco presents Molto visibile segretamente nascosto, a movie made of three video-portraits: a father, who’s also a husband and a partner; a woman, who’s - above all- a daughter and a young Ukrainian girl. But the main character is the absence: the lack of a mother, whose vivid memory is recorded by the video camera of the artist, that films the objects and the everyday life of a lonely father. And yet, the lack of another mother: Vera, who’s been working in Italy for a long time in order to guarantee a better future to her daughter Halina. The artist deconstructs the movie grammar, giving to every single little story their narrative autonomy, exalts the method, underlying the making process and experiments new ways of representation aimed to the breakage of the predetermined narrative system.

A diptych video will be on display; it recalls the style of amateur films, in which the documentary aspect usually prevails on the aesthetic one. It is a silent tale of two different but parallel stories, that testifies the past, the experience and the family life of these two young girls.

Various experiences, recounted in Potrebbe essere cresciuta all'infinito, a “box/container” where the narration is finally atomized: the photos sent by Halina to her mother during her youth interweave with the thoughts of another daughter, who, on another hand, tries to metabolize the pain of her mother’s loss.

Images mixed with annotations and memories, where the two stories merge and mingle into potentially endless meta-narratives. Scattered traces that are eventually recomposed, in the primal narrative unit, into an artist’s book, displayed in the Museum’s bookshop as a further simulacrum of memory.

The research of Donatella Di Cicco is suspended between film ambition, documentary approach and the peculiar versatility of video-art language. Molto visibile segretamente nascosto won the first prize “Vela d’Oro” for Best Documentary at the 27th Edition of Bellaria Film Festival in 2009.

Only on Friday, April 16th especially for the exhibition opening, Molto visibile segretamente nascosto will be screened in the multifunctional room of MADRE Museum at 19.30. – 20.20 – 21.10. The entrance will be allowed only before the movie starts. On Thursday, April 29 at 8 p.m. the movie will be screened at Cinema Filangieri, in room 2 presented by Mario Franco and the artist

Donatella Di Cicco was born in Naples in 1979. Lives in Milan. Solo exhibition: Replay Loves Arts, billboard Cà Rezzonico Museum, Buziol Foundation, Venice (2010). Other exhibitions: GE/09 Re Rebaudengo’s Palace, Turin (2009); Camera con Vista, PAN | Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli, Italia’s Palace, Belgrade e SKZ, Zagreb (2008-09); Kunst in Bewegung / On The Move, Art Society, Ludwigsburg (2006).

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Donatella Di Cicco
Kuratoren: Adriana Rispoli, Eugenio Viola