press release

DOUBLEUSE brings together contemporary practitioners who continue to draw on painting as a useful and functioning context, despite and because of its inherited difficulties. The linguistic term ‘double use’ offers an analogy for painting that attempts to hold mutually contradictory positions. In ‘double use’ two meanings function in the same word; meaning is therefore unstable and unresolved. The work in DOUBLEUSE demonstrates an engagement with painting as a problematic and inconclusive field of practice. The strategies, rules and repeated processes put to work by each of the artists operate in a forced bounce back from edge to edge, and corner to corner; a dead end that does not create stasis but provokes activity.


Künstler: Pavel Buchler, Moyra Derby, Mick Finch, Jane Harris, Gerard Hemsworth, Louise Hopkins, Richard Kirwan, Sadie Murdoch, Katherine McKee, Ben Ravenscroft, Caragh Thuring, Amikam Toreen, John Wilkins.