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Unlike anything human, art lays claim to being unable to lie, and thus it is compelled to lie. -Theodor Adorno

Drafting Deceit modestly approaches the construction of delusion as a deliberate gesture that infers a particular performability located in the purposeful drafting of the illusory. In deciphering and unraveling the delusion, it is art’s privilege to reveal, as Nabokov believed, the intent of deception as an instrument for the coercive. In turning back upon its own materiality, it is through art's making, through its staged matrix, that allows for the semblance of the truth.

Marta Kuzma was most recently Co-curator of Manifesta 5 (San Sebastian, Spain, 2004)

This exhibition received support from the Experimental Television Center and the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in New York.


only in german

kuratiert von Marta Kuzma

mit Sven Augustijnen, Michael Borremans, Johannes Kahrs, Marije Langelaar / Mark Manders, Paul McCarthy / Mike Kelley, Kirsten Pieroth

18.11. 6:30-8:30 pm gallery talk: Marta Kuzma, Sven Augustijnen, Johannes Kahrs

Screening : William Karel, Joao Maria Gusmao, Pedro Paiva