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Drawing II (Selected), the second exhibition of its kind at g-module, unites a new group of artists together impassioned by the medium of drawing itself, whether preparatory, experimental or narrative. This unthematic, yet efficient summer show includes twelve choice American artists, half of whom have yet to be seen in France. Manifested in this show are works displaying an evolving diversity and identity of American contemporary drawing. Choice works included are: Leona Christie's curvacious pre-pubescent ballpoint beauties amidst a fantastical female society; Colin Cook's ongoing collaborative pencil drawings with his friend Bill; Amy Jean Porter's gouache and ink bilingual, migratory birds; John Morris' deep exploration in drawing different phenomenon, synthetic or natural; David Opdyke's graphite drawings of tank manuevres metamorphosed into dancing steps; Michael Rodriguez intuitive permutations of archaic space with molecular or cosmic compositions in gouache, ink and graphite; Alexander Ross' inquisitive colored pencil and ink drawings of botanical life forms after fungi or plants; Randall Sellers' intricately rendered urban miniature utopias in graphite; Amy Sillman's softly drawn humanoids frolicking in dreamy color hewn by spontaneous patterns; Guy Richards Smit's watercolor drawings of quarky, self obsessed, parody driven scenarios; a drawing from Ken Weaver's Royally Fucked series based on the dismemberment of the aristocracy with his monumental rococo/punk portraits; and Alan Wiener's aquaresin drawings portraying biomorphic, architectural forms reminiscent of his sculptures. Pressetext

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Drawing II (Selected)
Arbeiten von Leona Christie, Colin Cook, Amy Jean Porter, John Morris, David Opdyke, Michael Rodriguez, Alexander Ross, Randall Sellers, Amy Sillman, Guy Richards Smit, Ken Weaver, Alan Wiener