press release

Plane Space is delighted to end its second season with a group exhibition of drawings. The exhibition will be on display for the duration of July, with an opening reception on Thursday evening, July 1st, from 6 to 8 p.m.        

While the unifying component of the exhibition is the medium of drawing, a greater interest lies in the closer investigation of the similarities and differences between the visual and conceptual correlations throughout the works. With the use of pencil, colored pencil, pen, charcoal, carbon transfer and a magnifying glass, these artists, through a wide range in size, create both representational and abstract drawings. Ranging from landscapes and architecture both real and imaginary, to the microscopic and cosmological realms of organic abstraction, these works provide a rich sample of contemporary drawing.

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Künstler: Kim Beck, Ben Butler, Davide Cantoni, Tara Donovan, Amy Kao, Cotter Luppi, Kristine Marx, Andy Messerschmidt, Christian Nguyen, Randall Sellers, Elizabeth Simonson, Alicia Wargo