press release

Since antiquity, dreams and their interpretation have played an important role, also well established are the creative impulses, especially for painting, which come from dreamt experiences. According to recent studies, nightmares have the strongest effect on moods and emotions of the next day: the Portuguese artist Balthazar TORRES engages in his work these small, but nonetheless seemingly insuperable day to day disasters, which haunt our dreams. Bruno PEINADO takes a similar approach in “Dream catcher”: a life-size amulet, which – in African Tradition - is meant to advert all evil. Barthélémy TOGUO also entices us back to the roots of his native Africa with his series “Night flights”, where they leave behind their traces and mystic inspiration in his graphic series “Wild Cats Diner” and “Purification”, from which we have chosen some works and a new installation of small and erotic objects; also Joana VASCONCELOS’s large scale installation ”Ilha dos Amors”, interprets a classic dream sequence, the “Verdict of Paris”, showing her signature use of form and material.

Furthermore, there are also Madeleine BERKHEMER’s sculptures and mirror objects, which lure us into a sphere of erotic daydreams. Finally, Belgium’s enfant terrible, Jan FABRE’s, night blue and golden “Thinking Models”- some of which were just dreamt of, but some also realized, as well as other works, reflecting his legendary “Tivoli Castle” performance, will complement our presentation.

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Künstler: Carlos Aires, Baltazar Torres, Madeleine Berkhemer, Herbert Brandl, Daniele Buetti, Naia del Castillo, Anthony Cragg, Jan Fabre, Susy Gomez, Paolo Grassino, Alfred Haberpointer, Bertram Hasenauer, Hubert Kostner, Brigitte Kowanz, Mateo Mate, Tatsuo Miyajima, Paloma Navares, Bruno Peinado, Jaume Plensa, Fabrizio Plessi, Claudia Rogge, Bernardi Roig, Fernando Sanchez-Castillo, Skall , Barthelemy Toguo