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Stephen Friedman gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by British artist Dryden Goodwin. Through a diverse range of media including video, film, photography and drawing, Goodwin documents personal experiences in evocative and poetic ways. For this exhibition, Goodwin extensively explores the tension between stillness and movement by making work which powerfully traverses the boundaries between presence and absence, interconnection and isolation, serenity and disquiet.

In the front gallery, Stay, which was commissioned by Lighthouse, Poole, consists of a projected video and photographic stills showing each frame of the video. Through the work, the viewer is presented with images taken while Goodwin moved through three distinct landscapes: a canal, a tunnel and a forest. By combining the experience of moving through space with the still, contemplative moments of the photographs, Stay explores the interplay between momentum and inertia, the imperative for motion and the desire to be still and survey. The sound fuses audio captured on location with additional orchestration by the artist.

In the back gallery, Goodwin installs four separate sequences of drypoint etchings from the evolving series State. For each sequence, he uses a single copper plate as a metallic palimpsest, repeatedly rubbed down for reuse. The individual prints show faint evidence of the pre-existing images, subverting the accumulative ‘states’ of the conventional etching process. Each sequence exists as a single edition, a type of monoprint drawing shown with the plate as an inextricable component that contains each overdrawn layer. Here the successive marks indicate the movement of the person or place depicted with differing levels of alienation and intimacy. Throughout Goodwin's practice, the viewer is asked to undertake emotionally ambiguous journeys, through man-made and natural surroundings. By immersing the viewer in fleeting landscapes and images from both the public and private realm, Goodwin urges us to respond to contrasting environments and landscapes in highly charged emotional and physical ways.

Recent solo exhibitions include Draw in/Draw out, New Art Gallery, Walsall; Stay, Lighthouse, Poole; Dilate, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester; Reveal, Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire in 2003 and Closer at Art Now, Tate Britain in 2002. Recent group exhibitions include Clandestine, The 50th Venice Biennale, Venice; The Cathedral, BALTIC, Gateshead in 2003; A Century of Artists’ Film in Britain, Tate Britain, London and Reality Check, London and touring in 2003-2004. Goodwin was recently commissioned by the Arts Council of England and Channel 4 Television for Animate! 2005.


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Dryden Goodwin