press release

Solo exhibition at the Museum TEA

The current solo show presented in 7 rooms (800sqm) at the TEA museum includes large scale installations, Displayed like performances and are accompanied by a documentation of interventions in Spain. Eberhard Bosslet (born 1953 in Speyer) realized all works for these specific premises that were implemented locally.

Bosslet’s work explores in very different ways the terms of the interior and exterior, especially the private and public space. He uses exclusively products and techniques from the industrial and commercial reality. It is always significant, visible and a functional aesthetic component of his works. The artist works primarily with basic, ordinary and recyclable materials, unfolding their power in his created objects. Since 1982, the artist questions architectural-constructive conditions and situations. Influenced by his own experiences in the early 80s on the Canary Islands he has been dealing with building materials, its shapes and effects, which are a central element of his sculptures, installations and interventions in public space.

To download the book "Works in Spain" pls follow the link on the artist's website, and for more pictures pls see the link here.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book:

Eberhard Bosslet - Works in Spain 1982-2012 Extra-Verlag Berlin, 296 pages, 29,7 x 21 cm, 320 illustrations, softcover, three languages (Spanish, English, German), with texts by Orlando Britto, Teresa Camps Miro, Ralph Findeisen, Celestino Hernandez, Christian Janecke, Alejandro Krawietz Gloria Picazo and Eberhard Bosslet. ISBN 978-3-938370-55-1 - 25 EUR + shipping