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London is transformed by Ebru Erülkü in a series of dramatic, beautiful, somewhat disquieting, images. “Ebru's photographs take familiar scenes and scenarios into the realm of the fantastic by combining documentary-style images with glimpses of absurd fictions. Her images conjure up the strange realities at the edges of our vision – vivid fictional clouds alter perceptions and link the viewer with London’s dynamic past and uncertain future”. (Lisa Le Feuvre, Royal College of Art Show Catalogue 05)

By breaking out from the confines of time and space, Ebru unleashes a hitherto unexplored energy in our unconscious and our associations with reality and the familiar. “Using the camera and the technology on offer today in a flexible way, Ebru achieves the transformation of metaphorical concepts into images. The resulting pictures, in the form of photographs, which one could equally imagine as paintings, are woven together from everyday events and those that transcend the everyday: from what is observed and what is imagined, perhaps, too, from what is dreamed and what is wished for.” (Wolfram Bach, Camera Austria Nr.89/2005)

This body of work about London was started in 2004. A further black-and-white series presents a dream-like quality crossing all boundaries of time and space. These images reverberate with the collective memories of London and defy the passage of time. Ebru works with an analogue camera and then digitises her material to alter light, adjust contrast or add to the image. She believes that whatever the instrument, the reality of what is seen in front of the lens changes to the new reality of the created image. She strives to represent what we see and fuse this with the possibilities of what we might see.

Ebru Erülkü’s solo exhibitions include Dämmerung - Eventide Visions of London Hoopers Gallery, London (2007); Galerie 20.21, Essen (2004) and Enklaven Galerie Wolfram Bach, Düsseldorf (2001). Recent group exhibitions include Oxo Tower Gallery, London (2009); Phantasma Ballhaus, Düsseldorf (2008) and totalstadt. beijing case ZKM Museum für Neue Kunst, Karlsruhe (2006). After her DAAD-Grant for Graduates Great Britain (2003-2004) and a Grant from the Kunststiftung NRW (2004-2005) she was awarded her Master of Fine Art at the Royal College of Art, London in 2005 and has won several prizes since.

Ebru Erülkü: Dämmerung - Eventide Visions of London