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TORCH Gallery is pleased to present a second solo exhibition by Eelco Brand (1969, Rotterdam). New digi-prints and video-works by the Breda-based artist are to be seen from the 13th of April through the 19th of May 2007.

When he began his artistic career in the early 1990s, Eelco Brand mostly dedicated himself to painting. Capitalizing on new media (photographs scanned and computer manipulated), the Fine Arts and their tradition still framed his endeavor. In this new solo exhibition at TORCH Gallery, a selection of recent works accounts for both the development of Brand’s artistic practice and the enduring prevalence of specific aspects to be traced throughout his oeuvre.

Although he used to translate his photography- and computer-based creations into paintings, images in movement and short animation-films have formed part of his body of work since its very inception. Yet, whereas the time-based essence of these forms makes them traditionally suitable for telling stories, Brand chose to inscribe his own work within the framework, once more, of painting rather than filmmaking. Indeed, in his early works just as in his more recent ones, SB.movi (2006) and S.movi (2007) to be seen at TORCH, movement doesn’t stand for narrative development but rather for a new form of pictorialism. Presented on plasma-screens and repeated in endless loops, both their exhibition mode and the non-narrative logic of their diegesis allow their contemplation and association with single-frame art forms. Just as several critics have qualified them, Brand’s video works are something like “paintings in movement” –which result from a long and demanding process of digital elaboration. Pixels and computer mouse have come to completely replace brush and pigments in Brand’s artistic practice.

Both in his video-works and digi-prints (Brand came to optimize his process of creation by generating his compositions thanks exclusively to computer-based tools), the work of man is to be appreciated indirectly, through the landscapes designs and, among other features, the artificial light that outshines the scenes. Further, the steady and controlled “camera” movements in his videos and the unlikely perspectives taken by the “objective” in his images speak about the gaze that grasps the scene. Or shall we say that, instead of being mere depictions, all these elements together somehow provide a sense that Brand’s landscapes are projections of the eyes of the beholder. Ultimately we might say that his works are “dreamscapes,” rather than faithful representations of an actual reality. While observing carefully, one will discern the uncanny quality of these seemingly hyperrealist creations –and maybe dedicate a thought to the idea that all reality is a constructed entity.

New Works, a selection of recent digi-prints and video works by Eelco Brand, is to be seen from the 13th of April through the 19th of May 2007 at TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam.

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Eelco Brand
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