press release

„Ein ganz normaler Herbst, nur anders …“
01.12.2020 - 31.12.2020

Since our premises will probably not be accessible to the public until January due to the well-known Corona measures, we decided at short notice to launch a new project from December taking into account the currently applicable Corona measures.

From December 1st, every day one artist should make a contribution to a large-format community picture (3.20 meters x 17 meters). The project will take place from December 1st to December 31st. Artists who have accepted so far: Edwin Schäfer, Oliver Tüchsen, Corinna Mayer, Girmachew Getnet, Dirk Baumanns, Edda Rössler, Achim Ripperger, Jakob Dieckmann, Meret Kern, Cornelia Lela Heier, Ericson Krüger, Serkan Goeren, Barbara Walzer, Richard Oberscheven, Verena Kutschera ...

The daily progress will be documented on video and shared on various social media.

Parallel to the visual work, performative presentations (musicians, dancers, poets, 1-2 people each) should take place in front of the resulting image, which will also be documented by video.

The aim of the project is a joint, artistic representation of the year 2020, which is coming to an end.

Mirek Macke / Janek Hruschka: Project coordination