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We are very pleased to announce Elke Krystufek's first solo show at the gallery. ‚L'État C'est Moi - Das Geld bin ich' presents a new body of work consisting of large format paintings, gouaches and collages as well as an installation of clothes designed by the artist. Elke Krystufek will open the exhibition with a performance in collaboration with approximately 10 people, wearing Krystufek`s outfits.

The portraits and especially the self-portraits by Elke Krystufek are at the core of her work which spans across a variation of media. The endless repetition of her own image turns her self into an artistic icon. Krystufek questions in her practice the notion of the self, by interaction with an otherness. Who we are is ultimately not determined by ourselfs, but by a multitude of parameters that are beyond our control.

The clothes designed by Krystufek are an individual expression of self-definition. They relate to a life-definition which determines itself through the body and the body surface. For Krystufek the clothes are also a form of self portrait as they turn the inside out.

For the first time, we will present a group of small clay sculptures, which were originated between 1988 and 1990. The work follows the idea to create a monument for a minority of society, which has been overlooked so far, a monument for all victims of sexual abuse.

Krystufeks paintings and her performances question gender specific behaviour. Her artistic practice is based on feministic discourses and traditions. In her latest work, Krystufek widens the idea of the self-portrait by historical references. The different layers and complex relations of the images are further hightened by a layer of text.


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Elke Krystufek \ L'État C'est Moi - Das Geld bin ich