press release

Galleria Emi Fontana is glad to present Elsewhere?, a selection of video works by Monica Bonvicini, Lovett/Codagnone, Renée Green, Liliana Moro, Diana Thater, Gillian Wearing.

The central notion of the show are the ideas of space, architecture and urban landscape in the way each artist differently perceives and focalizes on them and where its results multiply even though issuing from the same area of reflection. Renèe Green’s video Elsewhere? is installed at the entrance of the gallery, lends its title to the show as a whole and divides the show in two sections. Its attempt to define the concept of “system” and related notions from a methodological and lyrical standpoint summarizes the two major tensions running throughout the show. To the left of Renèe Green’s, Diane Thater’s video A Series of Events shows a Hollywood marquee from the 1920s on which a series of words and phrases are spelled out and run in alphabetical order. On the other hand Monica Bonvicini’s Staub, is set in a one of the few bunkers that the Swiss Army still uses. The militarism of its II World War architecture refurbished in the1970s offers the perfect stage for a homoerotic, surrealistic story of an army of lovers. Both videos relate a deeply physical confrontation tackling the problem of space directly. , Gillian Wearing’s, Liliana Moro’s and Lovett/Codagnone’s videos are installed to the right of Green’s. These depart from a direct confrontation with space but modify it and hint at it suggestively in their quest to obtain a visionary outlook. The result is a summary of possible investigations on spaces (real and ideal, geometrical and chaotic, natural and artificial, material and even onirical) through history and imaginations, presenting aspects of our everyday background which go further and beyond any physical place, a discovery path between mind and urban landscapes.

Video works

mit Monica Bonvicini, John Lovett / Alessandro Codagnone, Renée Green, Liliana Moro, Diana Thater, Gillian Wearing