press release

Our annual summer exhibition, in which we invite a renowned international artist to curate his or her own show, has become an exceptional rendez-vous not worth passing up. Last year we invited Joan Jonas, who presented both her own creations and those of artists encountered in Europe and the United States. This year we have decided to invite the artist Pedro Cabrita Reis and his selection of young Portuguese artists to come and present their works at le Plateau.

Over the last decade, the ambitious creator Pedro Cabrita Reis has developed an original oeuvre constructed from raw materials (bricks, neon lights, cables…) sculpted into unique space and light formations. Extremely present in the Portuguese artistic scene but little known in France, this tremendously versatile artist has built up a collection of seventy works which mix and match various forms and mediums without restraint.

“En voyage” will also highlight the works of three young artists whose visions of our world -caught between traditional and contemporary culture – range from ironic to distant to romantic.

In his installations, as well as in his paintings and drawings, the artist Carlos Roque mixes pop culture and comic books to create narratives bordering on fantasy, and which offer up a unique approach to our contemporary universe. With his videos and photographs of urban landscapes, Nuno Cera focuses on everyday moments to bring about a new relationship with time. Through his questioning of the power of images, Rui Calcada Bastos creates melancholic installations which shuttle the viewer towards unknown horizons.

Through the commitment and generosity of Pedro Cabrita Reis, the visitor will have the chance to cross into new and rich worlds, linked together by the innovative works of these burgeoning Portuguese artists on the brink of discovery.

Curators: Caroline Bourgeois, Artistic Director of le Plateau Pedro Cabrita Reis, artist


En voyage - from the collection of Pedro Cabrita Reis
Kuratoren: Caroline Bourgeois, Pedro Cabrita Reis