Via Nizza 138, angolo Via Cagliari
I-00198 Rome

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MACRO is pleased to present: Enzo Cucchi Costume Ineriore, a "visionary tower" that unfolds a magnific world of images, and Rome: We Were The Avant-Garde, a retrospective on the great 1970's avant-garde exhibitions "Vitalità del Negativo" and "Contemporanea," which pays homage to Graziella Lonardi Buontempo.

The great installation by Enzo Cucchi, Costume Interiore, is a "visionary" tower consisting of three metal cylinders, one on top of the other, which the visitor is invited to enter, in order to discover the universe of images it reveals. Inside the tower, anthropomorphic presences and hanging figures (heads, skulls, agglomerations of paint, and thin spheres) reverberate in an emotional and visual counterpoint and create a real "inner costume."

Emerging from the fundamental link between Cucchi's work and the world of theatre (which transforms the attire of performance into "costume"), Costume Interiore turns into an intimate and interior "other" place, and takes the visitor on a visionary journey to the very origins of the image and of the senses.

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Enzo Cucchi: Costume Interiore