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The name insitu similarly implies a relation to spatiality, with it’s well-known associations to site-specificity in art and architecture. insitu reflects on the curatorial belief that each individual constantly creates or deconstructs various spaces. In the realm of sociology, space is no longer just defined by parameters of physical dimensions but also by the active relations that are created daily between social commodities and interactions with people. In situ means “in position”, thus alluding to the here and now and situating artwork in its physical and immaterial context, yet also revealing conditions beyond the present.

The name also per definition points to the possibilities that stem from the concrete situation, and perhaps this is the surface of contact between the two names and the approaches of the two spaces.

For the exhibition Episode 7: another space, insitu reveals works from eight Berlin-based artists, which portray occupation of hostile areas, travel, adventure and the invention of illusive or alien spaces. Romantic perceptions of adventure, reflection and idle immersion are abandoned for the rational attempt to control the unknown, to appropriate places to ones own rules and to follow inclinations towards collective adaptations. The artists all deal in one way or other with spatial relations. Whether this means to challenge a perception or to reflect on sociological or historical components of architectures. Besides existing pieces that discuss ideas of spaces, three artists have used the invitation to the show to develop new works and thus present their interpretation of another space.

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Episode 7. Another Space

Bram Braam, Pia Greschner, Mahony , Luca Vanello, Ulrich Vogl, Wolf von Kries , Sinta Werner, Markus Zimmermann

Marie Graftieaux, Nora Mayr, Gilles Neiens