press release

He holds his treasured people in a golden crown of hair. We a royal turban a sign of his desire. A garden of justice is his greatest need it rises above his greatest joy. Singing through the gate of the field of holy apples. A new table we prepare for her sheds light upon us. Between the right and the left she approaches in jewels and festive garments. Embracing in her foundation giving pleasure squeezing out his strength. Torment and trouble are ended. Now there are joyful faces spirits and souls. He gives her great joy twofold in measure. Light shines upon her streams of blessing. Go forth and prepare the adornments. Foods and all manner of fish. Beget souls and new lives on the thirty-two paths and three branches. She has seventy crowns with all may be beaten. All the words are engraved and concealed within her. From these days all shine forth. May his will dwell among the people who take joy with sweets and honey. In the south set a hidden candelabrum to make room in the north for a table of bread. Let her be adorned with six loaves connected on each side with shelter . Weakened cast out the menacing in fetters . His garment bright and red.