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At Olaf Holzapfel's invitation, this exhibition comprises artists whose works stand consciously in the in-between space between subjective and objective perception and conception. The works are precise in their conception but hybrid in their forming. †Erste Haut (First Skin) is something non-detachable, something determined which nevertheless, if only after thorough scrutiny, permits a changed interpretation. Precisely these interpretations, which deviate from ordinary perception, are presented in the exhibition where, in their totality, they allow a glimpse between the scenes or, better, between the skins.

Through everyday access to visual media programmes, global networks and their almost inevitable use, viewpoints evolve which lie between the clusters of reality. The social actor residing in these in-between spaces operates a double profile, on the one hand as an organically individual self and on the other, as a societal subject. Both are self-generated and need to be adapted according to context - the two cannot, however, be separated. It is an outline of a self created under given circumstances which cannot be determined but influenced. As we cannot leave our surroundings, we create a new territory in the often virtual in-between spaces.

The artists presented here describe what is outside of themselves and thus their own reality - the being-outside-of-oneself and the bringing-in of the external. The process goes through one's own shells, is fuzzy because diffusing, is partial, fragmentary, passing through one's own body. The works presented describe the process of this reflection. First Skin means being in the skin about which one speaks.

Olaf Holzapfel is presenting two new works, a sculpture and a digital image, depicting his analysis of the construction and genesis of reality. Jenny Rosemeyer is exhibiting two new photo-collages in which she explores the balancing act between imagined and actual world, between dream and reality. Benjamin Edwards' works combine a selection of data from the image-filled world of the everyday which he arranges in condensed charts, whose visual message remains legible despite the alienation enacted. Annika von Hausswolffs photographs always operate on at least two levels - her arrangements, in which the body often has the status of an object, leave the viewer in a certain state of disorientation. They pose a multitude of questions concerning their own positioning and presentation. Martin Boyce links everyday urban objects, evolving new structures; he re-interprets them, investigating their poetic substance. Sofia HultÈn manipulates the life-cycle of everyday objects. She removes situations and objects from their framework of significance, interpreting them in terms of their evanescence. This displacement of viewpoints combines, at least in regards to their content, all works presented here which are, in terms of form, however, completely different from each other.


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Erste Haut

mit Martin Boyce, Benjamin Edwards, Annika von Hausswolff, Olaf Holzapfel, Sofia Hulten, Jenny Rosemeyer