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Nomas Foundation is pleased to present Lo stato delle sirene , an exhibition by Etienne Chambaud in the framework of Vincent Normand's project 'Permanent Exhibition, Temporary Collections'.

Lo stato delle sirene is developed by Nomas Foundation in Rome, The David Roberts Art Foundation in London and Kadist Art Foundation in Paris. The exhibition, interpreted in a different language almost simultaneously at each foundation, is based on mechanisms of writing and transcription. Translation should be considered both the medium and the shared language of the whole project.

The project takes its title from the mythological sirens' song, which invents itself in the ear of its addressee. Here Lo stato delle sirene , is conceived as a group of « written objects »: absent but described, motionless but translated, unique but repeated, mute but transcribed.

Lo stato delle sirene is made up of an installation of Figures , a group of named, empty plinths (The Reef ), which acts as a space from which are emitted layers of speech and text. Actors will occasionally interact with this space, reading, memorising and rehearsing fragments of script and dialogue. Sometimes The Reef will remain silent. A group of framed Instruction Pieces hung on the wall will outline a series of gestures and acts. These will change over the course of the exhibition. A writer (The Copyist ), present at all times, will transcribe the evolution of the exhibition day after day. The foundation's collection will be included through a series of photographs of their storages, in which all crates will be named (Stock Figures ). A written contract, drawn up by a lawyer, will outline the conditions for the exchange and the conservation of copies of sculptures exchanged between the three foundations' collections The Exchange (The Horse, the Cobblestone, Above the Weather).

The exhibition is a collection of narrative fragments, playing with accumulations and disappearances, survivals and hauntings. From inscription to oral tradition, polyphony to cacophony, Lo stato delle sirene explores its own remains and is constructed on its own echoes, misunderstandings, partial interpretations and incomplete memories. The exhibition is conceived as a series of fossils organising their own archeology.

The exhibition is organised in collaboration with The David Roberts Art Foundation , London and Kadist Art Foundation , Paris and will be opened simultaneously in the three Foundations:

- The David Roberts Art Foundation, London 19.03.2010 - 24.04.2010 - Kadist Art Foundation, Paris 03.04.2010 - 02.05.2010

Cuarted by Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni - Nomas Foundation, Rome Sandra Terdjman and Emilie Villez, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris Vincent Honorè and Gaia Tedone, David Roberts Art Foundation, London

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Etienne Chambaud / Vincent Normand
Lo stato delle sirene
Kuratoren: Cecilia Canziani, Ilaria Gianni, Sandra Terdjman, Emilie Villez, Vincent Honore, Gaia Tedone