Museo MADRE, Naples

MADRE MUSEUM | Via Settembrini 79
80139 Naples

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"Yes, the colour, as it shifts, occupies the space and we enter. The frame that delimited the space is no longer there. Taking it away, the colour takes on the space and invades the space. And when this happens, it's miraculous." –Ettore Spalletti

More than 70 works, three museums and a single title for three exhibitions born out of the desire to present the variety, complexity and profundity of the work of Ettore Spalletti, master of Italian contemporary art: this is Un Giorno Così Bianco, Così Bianco (A Day so White, so White).

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Ettore Spalletti - A Day so White, so White
Un Giorno Cosi' Bianco, Cosi' Bianco

Ettore Spalletti

Andrea Viliani, Alessandro Rabottini

Galleria d´Arte Moderna, Turin