press release

evento 2009 is a new biennial event that will take place throughout the urban public space of the city of Bordeaux (France). This year's edition will present artistic, theoretical and performative interventions by over 50 participants, articulated by the notion of Collective Intimacy, the concept proposed by its curator, Didier Fiúza Faustino:

"Now is the hour for the expression of a collective intimacy such as only cities can really harbor. Cities belonging to everyone as well as to each individual. Cities where general and private interests are no longer at odds, so that a sensitive, common heritage may be constructed. Devices must be invented so as to allow installations, performances and events to spread throughout the city as stealth monuments: stealth for their nomadic, ephemeral and elusive character, monuments as objects of celebration. These new kinds of monuments invest spaces everywhere. They insinuate, infiltrate, and insert themselves in the city, altering the existing with the unexpected. Acting as unforeseen urban events, they modify ordinary trajectories and cause all kinds of deviations. They are a pretext for intimate interactions between inhabitants and their city.

In the same way that live arts must reclaim the center, the city must be given back to its inhabitants, in a genuine spirit of sharing. Let each individual claim their own share of city intimacy and choose to protect it or to expose it if they wish. Let us give everyone a choice to recreate the urban environment in accordance with their desire."

Collective Intimacy

The concept of collective intimacy is an invitation to consider the city as a mental territory that draws together the sum of the lived experiences and trajectories that constitute our inner sense of the city. Prior to any strictly physical territorial reality, the city represents the emotional territory of each one — our collective intimacy.

Urban artworks

Participants were invited to intervene in Bordeaux's public space and provoke several experiences around the idea of collective intimacy.

21 commissions are itinerant urban artworks that will interact with different contexts, people and places during the 10 days of the event.

Discussions, concerts and performances

Didier Fiúza Faustino has invited a group of contributing curators to organise a program of discussions, concerts and performances that will expand on the notion of collective intimacy.

Bruce Bégout, Cláudia Martinho, Inês Moreira and Marcin Szczelina propose a series of discussions about new political practices in the city: a public debate to unfold and expand notions of collective intimacy, a theoretical exploration of intimacy, sex and gender in terms of bold shifts in generic boundaries, a nocturnal experience about human peregrinations in sprawling global cities, a debate on the rise of urban fear and security issues, a geographical exploration of Bordeaux through satellite imagery.

The concerts and performances organized by Florent Mazzoleni and Joana Seguro are envisioned as crossover encounters between artists from different cultures with different forms of musical expression. For the first three days of evento, these open moments of exchange are held in the heart of the city, where the artworks are temporarily gathered.


Exhibition: Insiders - practices, customs, know-how Lainé Warehouse, "arc en rêve" architecture center, CAPC museum of contemporary art.

Curated by Francine Fort and Charlotte Laubard October 9 , 2009 – february 7, 2010

Exhibition: Luanda Smooth and Rave Curated by Fernando Alvim. In collaboration with the Sindika Dokolo Foundation.

Exhibition: Citations A project by Amos Gitai, at the Submarine Base.