press release

Galerist hosts Evren Tekinoktay’s new exhibition titled “Purple Head” from November 17 through December 24, 2011, at its exhibition space at Akaretler. Tekinoktay creates a fresh and unique social language with her collages that she produced from patterns, almost opaque colored magazine images and cut out papers.

After the exhibition titled “Eldorado” that Tekinoktay realized in collaboration with Galerist, in 2009, she published a book named “Black Egg” (2010). Lastly, she opened her personal exhibition titled “U” in Copenhagen and published another book that carries the same name as the exhibition. Tekinoktay is a collage artist, who consumes existing pictures and produces new artworks from them. Tekinoktay gets ready to bring together her “Collage Series” that contains both large and small-scale artworks.

Evren Tekinoktay
Purple Head