press release

This exhibition brings together artists whose work makes use of pattern in relation to the body; pattern which takes on a life of its own - as much the object of our attention as the body itself.

In some cases, it masks and negates the human presence, creating a sense of claustrophobia and tension; in others it becomes a vehicle for self expression and enquiry into class or ethnicity.

The designer-clad models in Izima Kaoru's carefully staged photographs become just one part of an expansive field of colour and pattern. Tom Gallant and Graham Dolphin manipulate images found respectively in pornographic or glossy fashion magazines, obliterating the female form with a lacework of burned, pierced or cut out patterns.

Hetain Patel paints designs onto his own body, using traditional Hindu dyes and pigments, whilst hancock & kelly live embark on a project that sees Traci Kelly having Richard Hancock's memory of wallpaper from his childhood home transcribed into her skin as a full back tattoo.


only in german

Kurator: Deborah Dean

mit Graham Dolphin, Tom Gallant, Izima Kaoru, Hancock & Kelly live, Hetain Patel