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As a way to mark a century of artistic film and video production, Chisenhale transforms itself into a cinema. Twenty curators from around the world have been invited to submit their choice of five artist film or video works each. Over 100 films have been sorted and ordered by the gallery and will be shown on a large scale screen.

EXIT brings an international context to artist film and video, whilst not being prescriptive. Chisenhale asked curators to draw on their knowledge of a ‘local’ scene and to select films that represent something to them personally. Questions raised by EXIT contribute to the debate surrounding film and video practice, its relationship to cinema, its political and global implications and its future and influence as a cultural manifestation.

Comfortable sofas and an endless supply of coffee bring an alternative cinema feel to EXIT, and the accompanying Reading Room provides an artist-made resource for the audience to dip in and out of. A conference organised in conjunction with the ICA brings together artists and curators to discuss their relationship with globalisation, international film and video, curatorial practice and their own work as cultural producers. Speakers include: Catrin Backhaus, director of Videonale 8 in Bonn and one of the selectors for Exit; Carlos Nader, a film director from Brazil; Carey Young, an artist working within a multinational corporation; and Steven Bode, director of Film and Video Umbrella.

Friday 10 December and Saturday 22 January – EXIT will run for 24 hours twice during the exhibition.

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Kuratoren: Catrin Backhaus