press release

Explore., the second part of a triptych of exhibitions devoted to the collection of the frac île-de- france*, is the opening exhibition at Rentilly castle, rehabilated by Xavier Veilhan, the architects Bona/Lemercier and the set designer Alexis Bertrand, and now the second premises of the frac île-de-france as part of its multi-site project.

In this particular context, with regard to a new building to be discovered, the decision of the exhibition was to take this idea of discovery and exploration as a point of departure for making a selection of works within the collection. In this respect, it is especially the notion of space that these works broach in a very diversified way for novel experiments.

A large loft linking up with the ‘white cube’ but defying explanation (Pierre Bismuth & Michel Gondry), flying over a seascape against a backdrop of ghostly evocations (Laurent Grasso), sombre representations of the black sea in its cardinal points or particularly hazy abysses (Dove Allouche), it is actually often a question of confronting reality in its spatial dimension as if the better to grasp it. 
But like these ever anonymous figures, in spite of all attempts to recognize them (Ulla von Brandenburg), or like these images that a solar light beam intermittently lightens (Mark Geffriaud), reality tends to endlessly elude us when we try to circumscribe it, making way for so many unresolved mysteries. 
Circumvolutions, cycles and rotations: another feature of the show lies in the fact of presenting a number of pieces very formally incorporating the figure of the circle and the loop. From the gesture of bypassing which is the basis of Ulla von Brandenburg’s film (Around, 2005)—in a loop–, to the 360o revolutions adopted by both Pierre Bismuth’s and Philippe Decrauzat’s pieces, this figure and its many different forms stake out the exhibition like so many footholds in the space. 
There is also a figure of movement: beyond an eternal return and the reflexive form it symbolizes, it corresponds to this idea of displacement suggested by the exhibition and the overall proposal.

Explore., or the need to walk around the different spaces of the new Rentilly castle…