press release

For this year’s summer exhibition, f a projects is pleased to announce a group invitational show. Ten selectors, drawn from a wide cross section of the British art world including writers, curators, collectors and gallerists, have each been asked to chose a group of artists to be included in the exhibition. Beyond the initial selection of nominators the gallery plays no part in the selection process. The only criterion is that the artists are based in the UK. Works will span all media, including video, installation, wall-based work, performance and sculpture. Some selectors have placed the emphasis on emerging artists, others on more established figures.

XS is a play on the traditional gallery summer show, but rather than building itself around a nominal theme, or holding indications of the gallery’s aspirations and its programme to come, it puts into effect an organic curatorial strategy based on personal relationships and taste. The work on show will range from new celebrities like Anj Smith, whose paintings of post-punk fashionistas were just received with acclaim at her solo show at IBID projects, or Michael Sailstorfer, who is just completing his Goldsmiths MA, but has already shown at Liste and will be included in Manifesta 5 this year, through an older generation of established figures like Mark Leckey, Jane Simpson and Enrico David, to emerging artists who have had little exposure.

The exhibition will also be an opportunity for a glimpse into the personal tastes of its selectors, who include curators (Helen Legg of the Mead Gallery, Ceri Hand of FACT, Ceri Lewis from the Contemporary Art Society) collectors, patrons and one-time gallerists (Mary Jane Aladren, Charles Asprey, Dominic Palfreyman) and writers (Kathy Battista, Alex Farquharson).

EXS An Invitational Exhibition
10 Selectors, 39 artists

Mary Jane Aladren: Guy Allott, Roger Kelly, Jane Simpson, Anj Smith
Charles Asprey: Bonnie Camplin, Enrico David, Ian Kiaer, Mark Leckey
Kathy Battista: Cecilia Bonilla, Luke Brennan and Delaney Martin, Eve Dent, Alice Hawkins, Bob Levene, O Zhang
Katharine Burton / Carl Kostyal: Talia Israeli, Michael Sailstorfer
Alex Farquharson: William Daniels, Charlie Lucas, Flavia Muller Medeiros, Archeological Society of Bath
Ceri Hand: Lucienne Cole, Michelle Naismith, Kevin Reid, Becky Shaw, Bedwyr Williams
Helen Legg: Tom Bloor (Simon & Tom Bloor), Ruth Claxton, Mauricio Guillen, Sara MacKillop, Simon Moretti, Haegue Yang
Ceri Lewis: The Miller and McAfee Press
Dominic Palfreyman: Stella Baraklianou, Dave Farnham, Charlie Freed, Josephine Soughan, Minnie Weisz