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Extended Drawing focuses on a specific aspect of the work of American artists Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman and Richard Serra. The exhibition shows works in which line and drawing are taken beyond their original boundaries.

Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman and Richard Serra now belong to the 'classical' generation that gave direction to American art from the mid-sixties. They show a clear affinity with Minimal and Conceptual Art. The four artists are paragons of new options in the art of drawing, exploring the potential of architectural or public spaces. The drawings no longer revolve around personal style, but enter a specific relationship with the wall (LeWitt), the painting (Mangold), the sculpture (Serra) and the public space (Nauman).

Neutrality is the goal, and art is reduced to an instrument used for a 'mechanical' execution that allows the preclusion of too much expressivity. Sol LeWitt takes anonymity the furthest. The fact that he opted for his work to be carried out by assistants (albeit following strict guidelines) speaks volumes. As does the fact that Richard Serra restricts himself to the deepest possible black (a combination of resin and tar), without any shading. And neither can the thick, almost insensitive lines of Robert Mangold be seen as a great expressive gesture. Mangold uses lines to create an imbalance that hides behind the apparently unruffled harmony of circles or ovals. The way Bruce Nauman deals with outlines and contours is neutral and appears mechanical, even when they are presented in attractively coloured neon. The neon tubes flash on and off at a mathematically prescribed frequency, and the order is determined by a set significance of colours.

The exhibition will occupy the whole of the 2nd floor. This will give plenty of space to each artist and enable forty large works to be shown, bringing out an aspect of their work that has never before been addressed in such depth. The works in Extended Drawing are on loan from renowned private and public collections. Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman and Richard Serra are very important to the Bonnefantenmuseum's collection, in which each artist has been represented by several works since 1987.

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Extended Drawing
Künstler: Sol Le Witt, Robert Mangold, Bruce Nauman, Richard Serra