press release

Friday,17th of September: 7 - 10 pm. OPENING of the exhibition "Fabrizio PLESSI: Llaüt/Licht" in attendance of the artist and a wine degustation. The wine presented is produced by Macia Battle /Santa Maria, Mallorca in occasion of this exhibition and comes with a lable designed by Fabrizio Plessi.

Saturday,18th of September: 12 am. Presentation of the new monography "PLESSI im Gropius Bau BERLIN" (Peruzzo Editore Padua) and guided tour through the exhibition by Mag. Silvie Aigner (curator of this year's exhibition during the Carinthian summer in the monastery of Ossiach: "Fabrizio Plessi: Sogno / Traum")

Opening hours: Friday,17th of September: 11 am - 19 pm Saturday,18th of September: 11 am - 18 pm Sunday,19th of September: 11 am - 17 pm

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Fabrizio Plessi
Llaüt / Licht