Aliceday, Brüssel

Dageraadstraat 62 rue de lAurore
B-1000 Brussels

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Face it ! is a group show curated by Charlotte Beaudry at aliceday.

Over and above it’s exceptional character, this encounter is primarily a dialog woven for the first time between artists of the same generation, but from completely different backgrounds.

Confronting reality is not the privilege of artists. You can have it thrown in your face, avoid it, become it’s victim or dominate it ; the approach you choose resulting is something either lost or gained. Hide from reality, risk losing face or triumph over it? To transform your vision in a work of art can be an act of revenge, sometimes a victory. Face It! is any case a command, a mission that is possible. How do you deal with reality? is a question of principle ; eight artists will answer to it and in their respective practices exhibit their point of view.

Charlotte Beaudry (B), Marcel Berlanger (B), Michel Dans (B), Agnes Geoffray (F), Annick Lizein (B), Erik Olofsen (NL), Benoit Platéus (B), Pierre Tatu (F).

Kurator: Charlotte Beaudry

mit Charlotte Beaudry, Marcel Berlanger, Michel Dans, Agnes Geoffray, Annick Lizein, Erik Olofsen, Benoit Plateus, Pierre Tatu