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Falke Pisano’s lecture-performances, text-based video’s, objects and photocopied publications are the elements of a body of work that is distinctly induced by a practice of writing. Although mainly text-based, Pisano’s work displays a strong concern with the existence and features of concrete objects, and in particular abstract concrete objects. Using language as a means to re-think the potential of abstraction, sculpture and artistic practice she activates the abstract sculpture as a thought-generating principle and employs the idea of the unstable transforming and disintegrating object as a way to address issues concerning object-qualities, form, construction and engagement.

For her first solo show at Balice Hertling Pisano enters into a new dialogue through pieces especially conceived for the space: inspired by the design pioneer Eileen Gray, Pisano presents two sculptures that ambiguously relate the history of Gray’s Villa E-1027 at Roquebrune Cap Martin with the construction and deconstruction of abstract objects.

In line with this, Pisano introduces three videos that question the relationship between an abstract object and the viewer. In these text-based videos, projected on one of the sculptures, Pisano analyzes the act of perception by showing herself as both the constructing artist and the contextualizing observer. The show also features collages of forms combined with texts and images of the artist’s studio, displaying Pisano’s interest in sharing with the public unrealized projects while negating the “failure” that is involved with the abandonment of a project.

Falke Pisano is currently a resident at Villa Arson in Nice and her work has been shown at the Lewis Gluckman Gallery in Cork, Lisson gallery in London, Kunstlerhaus, Stuttgart, Stedelijk Museum and De Appel in Amsterdam. She recently had a solo show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects.

Upcoming shows include a collaborative show with Benoît Maire at Croy Nielsen, Berlin and a performance at The Berlin Biennale.

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Falke Pisano