press release

This mid-career exhibition of the noted American photographer Nan Goldin is drawn from the private collection of Gerry and David Pincus and is being jointly organized with the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Goldin builds on the candid, snapshot portrait of marginal Americans in the tradition of Robert Frank and Diane Arbus, but from the perspective of insider. As an active participant in the bohemian worlds she has documented over the last thirty years, her subjects--her friends--exude a natural, poignant, and at times, brutal honesty. She has tenderly recorded women looking in mirrors, girls in bathrooms and barrooms, drag queens, people making love, and the culture of addiction. These images are quite simply a diary made public. A fully illustrated catalogue with an essay by noted scholar Jonathan Weinberg, published by Penn State Press, will accompany the exhibition.


Fantastic Tales: The Photography of Nan Goldin
Special Exhibitions Gallery I