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The Fourth International Moscow Festival "Fashion and Style in Photography - 2005" is proud to present once again a number of projects created by international photography stars involved in the sphere of fashion and style. This year one of the central events of the festival is the exhibition of the works by Horst P. Horst. Another major event is the exhibition "Hollywood Celebrities. Edward Steichen¹s ŒVanity Fair¹ Portraits", from the collection of the International Museum of Photography and Cinema George Eastman House, USA.

Of special interest are two Russian historical pojects: "Life is Beautiful", Kitsch on Postcards and Photographs from the Mikhail Golosovski Collection, analyzing the popular notions concerning beauty and their evolution from mid-19th to the early 20th centuries; as well as "Rodchenko¹s circle. People of Style", showing men and women from Aleksandr Rodchenko¹s milieu ­ photographers, artists, poets, the charismatic figures of Russian Avant-Garde.

The festival also includes the works of contemporary photographers, influential in shaping the new tendencies in fashion and style. Sarah Moon: "The Red Thread. After Charles Perraults tale The Blue Beard Miwa Yanagi "Elevator Girl House" Erwin Olaf "Fear and Trembling" Elaine Constantine "Tea Dance" Joel-Peter Witkin

The Festival "Fashion and Style in Photography" traditionally includes exhibitions prepared by the curator of the photographic collection of the National Fund of the Contemporary Art (FNAC), Agnès de Gouvion Saint-Cyr. This year she presents the project "Simulacra and Pseudo-Likeness". Stars of international photography, i.e. Olivier Rebufa, Gregory Krewdson, Agnès Propeck, Valerie Belin, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ignez Van Lamsveerde, etc. ­ have collaborated on the project. These masters analyze the evolution of contemporary photography, obliterating the borders between reality and the artist¹s mythology.

It is impossible not to mention the Pirelli Calendar exhibition. For more than forty years the Pirelli Company annually commissions the most renowned fashion photographers of the world, such as: Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Moon, Helmut Newton, Anne Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Nick Knight, Herb Ritts, Normann Parkinson, etc.

The present "Fashion and Style in Photography" Festival is largely focused on the idea of "cinema as life and life as cinema". Edward Steichen¹s exhibition is the best contribution to this theme. "James Bond: ŒDoctor No¹ and ŒDie Another Day¹" is a different project dealing with the issue. Showing the shots of the very first and latest Bond films, we are attempting to analyze the most influential movie myth of the second half of the 20th century.

The photographs of Marja-Leena Hukkanen give us a rare opportunity to see the film productions of Aki Kaurismäki, one of the most talented directors of modern cinema. The one-man shows of Willy Rizzo, an extremely experienced and influential photographer working for Paris Match for over fifty years; and of Angelo Frontoni, a magnificent paparazzo, who shot the settings of the films by de Sica, Fellini and Antonioni, open before our eyes a gallery of 20th century movie stars and represent unique scenes connected with the creation of a number of cult motion pictures.

The exhibition "Around Ilia Khrzhanovski¹s Film Œ4¹" is dedicated to one of the most talked-about Russian movies, based on a script by the writer Vladimir Sorokin. This project proved to be a striking combination of motion picture reality and "real" reality.

The third section of the festival is traditionally dedicated to the best fashion-photos that appeared in Russian magazines during the last two years. The majority of the works were done by local photographers. These are: Vladimir Glynin, Yegor Zaika, Vladimir Clavijo, Mikhail Koroliov, Vladimir Fridkes and many others.

Apart from the mentioned exhibitions, the Festival "Fashion and Style in Photography - 2005" also includes projects by Russian artists working on the borders of "fashion and style" and modern conceptual photography: Boris Bendikov and Leonid Tishkov, Alia Yesipovich, Valeri Katsuba, Tatiana Liberman, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Oleg Maslov and Viktor Kuznetsov, Igor Mukhin, Aleksei Orlov, Evgeni Riabushko, Lena and Vera Samorodov, Sergei Chilikov and others. Finally it would be wrong to omit the theatrical project "Cherry Orchard", created by Vladimir Clavijo and Yulia Bochkova in collaboration with Renata Litvinova, Tutta Larsen, Yekaterina Strizhenova and others.

Olga Sviblova


Fourth International Festival
Fashion and Style in Photography - 2005

Künstler: Richard Avedon, Valerie Belin, Julia Bochkova, Elinor Carucci, Elaine Constantine, Gregory Crewdson, Angelo Frontoni, Vladimir Glynin, Swen Gundlah & Christina Gundlah, Malla Hukkanen, Marja-Leena Hukkanen, Horst P. Horst, Valery Katsuba, Aki Kaurismäki, Nick Knight, Michael Korolev, Oleg Kulik, Ignez van Lamsveerde, Felix Larer, Estee Lauder, Anne Leibovitz, Tatiana Liberman, Peter Lindbergh, Oleg Maslov / Victor Kuznetsov, Sarah Moon, Igor Mukhin, Helmut Newton, Erwin Olaf, Paolo Pellegrin, Agnes Propeck, Olivier Rebufa, Evgeniy Riabushko, Mark Riboud, Herb Ritts, Willy Rizzo, Alexander Rodtschenko, Elena Samorodova, Eugeny Sorokin, Edward Steichen, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Leonid Tishkov, Jonathan Torgovnik, Sergei Chilikov, Yury Vinogradov, Joel-Peter Witkin, Miwa Yanagi ...