press release

Fast Surface comprises two nights of light projections by four artists: Douglas Allsop, Ceal Floyer, David Griffiths and Craig Wood. Each exploits the intangibility of light and the particular formal quality of the exhibition space at Chisenhale.

There will be the same light projections and the same order of showing on both nights, as follows:

7.30 Ceal Floyer 8.00 Douglas Allsop 8.30 Craig Wood 9.00 David Griffiths 9.30 Ceal Floyer

Fast Surface is sponsored by Myriad AV Sales Ltd, Craig Richardson (Rostrum) and The Canadian High Commission, London. Chisenhale Gallery is supported by the London Arts Board and was awarded the Prudential Award for Visual Arts 1992.

Fast Surface, Light Projections
Künstler: Douglas Allsop, Ceal Floyer, David Griffiths, Craig Wood