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This exhibition that means Pepe Cobo´s back to Madrid, although in a new venue, starts a phase where different disciplines and aesthetic options represent the gallery identity. Pepe Cobo, founder of La Máquina Española, is an essential reference in contemporary art who, during a decade until middle nineties, revitalized cultural life betting on initiatives, exhibitions and artists who brought to Spain the alive presence of avant-garde in art. After a few years set up in Seville, Pepe Cobo´s Gallery try with this exhibition, shown through different languages, to bring closer basic and outstanding artists like John Baldessari, Juan Muñoz, Francis Picabia, Sigmar Polke, Juliâo Sarmento and Andy Warhol.

This first exhibition in Madrid called Feminae, try not only to evoke some representations of woman´s figure in the artistic area in different periods, by different artists, but also starting the exploration of changing worlds inside art.

This way, Baldessari´s photographical work, dismantled in its fragmentation, combines with Warhol´s look based in a mass media figure repeated like Marilyn, both situated in mass North American visual culture. The same way, Polke´s naked woman looks like winking to a Picabia who grows up in transparency and portraits after his daring vanguard beginnings. In the other side, Muñoz´s game with his enigmatic dwarf is connected somehow with Sarmento ´s theatrical purpose, who also make an aesthetic experience from a slight woman´s figure.

Six artists, six glances, six stories shape this invitation to pleasure and reflection that Feminae tries to be. It is not only an exhibition to show famous artist´s work, but to show, in a minimalist space, works with different artistic techniques like photography, paint, sculpture and other artistic manifestations which are a reference. Behind these works, there are essential signs of contemporary art figures.


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mit John Baldessari, Juan Muñoz, Francis Picabia, Sigmar Polke, Julião Sarmento, Andy Warhol