press release

The Images festival

The visual arts festival Images is the first open-air photography festival of Switzerland. It produces every two years unseen monumental photography exhibitions in the streets of Vevey; it also proposes numerous exhibitions in various locations dedicated to image and introduces the winners of the two competitions it organises: the European First Film Awards and theVevey International Photo Awards.

Entirely free, the Images festival is a true open-air museum, a quality platform for Swiss and international artists, as well as a way to make the institutions of the Riveria related to image shine.

The next edition will be held from the 4th to the 26th of September 2010.

Expositions en plein air

Thomas Allen Jean-Christian Bourcart Filmomatic Shadi Ghadirian Dieter Graf Toni Greaves JR L'Homme Bleu Matthieu Lavanchy Michael Light Cristina de Middel Ursula Mumenthaler Andrea Star Reese Moira Ricci Matt Siber Malick Sidibé Mike Stimpson Li Wei Li Yu & Liu Bo

Expositions intérieures

Peter Aerschmann Anonymes Anna Artaker René Burri Collection Ertle Ketterer Jean-Jacques Lebel David Lynch Hans Op de Beeck PAK Sheung Chuen Augustin Rebetez Malick Sidibé / Étudiants du CEPV Christian Lutz G.M.B. Akash Alberto Giuliani Bronek Kozka Lucie & Simon Anciens lauréats Clément Cogitore Petar Vulchanov et Kristina Grozeva Azhur Saleem

Événements parallèles

Jean-Christian Bourcart Renate Buser Eric Ceccarini Yann Gross / Seba Kurtis Kino '10Kino Le Bar Erling Mandelmann Nuit David Lynch Prix du Court Rocking Chair Maurice Schobinger StratesStrates Vevey ville de tournage Vevey Vitrin'10