Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, | Gorky Park, 9/32 Krymsky Val St.
119049 Moscow

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Fetish brought together two creative visionaries who, while operating in very different fields, often explore similar obsessions in their work. Both the shoe designer Christian Louboutin and the filmmaker David Lynch explore the taboos, forbidden desires and the extremes of human nature that lie hidden in the everyday stuff of life – from suburban American towns to high-heeled shoes.

Lynch originally approached Louboutin to design a series of shoes for an exhibition he was hosting at the Fondation Cartier in Paris. Jettisoning all notions of practicality and comfort, the resulting shoes push the extremes of fetish with designs that include 26cm heels and Siamese heels (two shoes fused at the heel). These one-of-a-kind designs were the inspiration for a series of 21 photographs by Lynch, shown in the Garage’s special project space alongside the shoes themselves.

David Lynch and Christian Louboutin