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The pieces in this program are done by people who I know and like and see fairly often in New York. None of them is primarily a video or film artist. They are sculptors, draftsmen and –women, performers who also use cameras.

Olav Westphalen, “A Visit To The Artist’s Studio” video, 1999, 4:50 Rachel Urkowitz, “Silent” 2003, Super 8 film animation, 3:35 minutes Jessica Jackson Hutchins , Static Demonstration, 2004, 16 mm film, 3:20 minutes Matt Freedman, “Nancy” 2004, video of live performance, 18:08 minutes Mike Bouchet, “Dooky Boody” video, 1995, 3:30 minutes Olav Westphalen, “Scenic” video, 1997, 5:40 minutes

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Five Friends Film Festival
A program by Olav Westphalen

Künstler: Olav Westphalen, Rachel Urkowitz, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Matt Freedman, Mike Bouchet