press release

In 1995 Chris Williams and I, on the occasion of a joint exhibition at the Wexner Center, Columbus/Ohio, did a small event with free beer. Besides the Flicker-Films by Tony Conrad and Peter Kubelka, amongst other things, a remote control, a fat glass slab, Mickey Rourke and the audience were involved. That worked out very well and therefore i asked Chris Williams not only to be part of our show at Galerie Mezzanin but included him in the planning of it.

In addition to him and me, Lawrence Weiner, Christoph Steinmeyer, Kenneth Noland, Rudolf Hausner, Josephine Pryde, Ferdinand Kriwet, Richard Artschwager and John Miller are represented in the show.

Except for the two late colleagues we have concerted the works in accordance to the underlying conception and were partially producing new works explicitly for the show.

As due to our profession all involved in the show are dealing with beauty and the core theme of the actual project is film, we chose the tentative title Filmschönheit. The title must not to be pronounced loudly and must not be printed.

The exhibition avoids the reference to specific films, directors etc, but focuses on the particular question of how beauty gets in and out of the film.

Albert Oehlen

only in german

Filmschönheit curated by Albert Oehlen
Kooperation: Galerie Mezzanin, Wien

Künstler: Richard Artschwager, Rudolf Hausner, Ferdinand Kriwet, John Miller, Kenneth Noland, Albert Oehlen, Josephine Pryde, Christoph Steinmeyer, Lawrence Weiner, Christopher Williams