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PATRICIA LOW CONTEMPORARY is delighted to present a group of five emerging young German artists in a show named Finding Neverland. It features Markus Amm, Hansjörg Dobliar, Oliver Voss, Nicole Wermers and Claudia Wieser, most of them are showing in Switzerland for the first time. Finding Neverland is organized by German guest curator, Juliane von Herz, who lives in Frankfurt. The exhibition includes large-format paintings, installations, drawings, collages and sculpture – many of which are new productions for the show.

The title Finding Neverland is borrowed from the famous dreamland story of Peter Pan, but is not to be mistaken as a theme for a neo-romantic show. On the contrary, Neverland in the context of this group show stands for the search of the unlimited space behind or around the object, for the constant exploration of Geometric Abstraction and excursions (or Peter Pan-like flight back) into Constructivism, Op Art and Minimalism. Each of the participating artists has a different approach to how to depict an abstract three-dimensional space. Although the works of for example Hansjörg Dobliar and Nicole Wermers reveal a similar fascination for conceptual gestures that bring back to our minds the brittleness of constructivist vocabulary, they introduce slightly mystical-looking shapes and fields that generate a pleasant imagery with hypnotic impact on the viewer. In nearly all of the exhibited works - in the objects, surfaces or imagery- it is possible to see some kind of references to art as well as to design, pop- and consumer-culture, architecture and advertising.

Even though forms and shapes are being selected in a playful way from a common repertoire of modernism, they are re-contextualized. References to the History of Art remain but, out of this heritage, a generation of artists presents itself as neither completely abstract nor figurative. Instead, the occupation with space serves to bring back modernist forms into design and everyday culture and back into art.

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Finding Neverland
Kurator: Juliane von Herz

mit Markus Amm, Hansjörg Dobliar, Oliver Voss, Nicole Wermers and Claudia Wieser