press release

MATT MARELLO 1968 / 2001 Gallery 1

MATT FREEDMAN Twin Twin II Gallery 2

Plus films by Michael Ballou and Michal Kosakowski:

MICHAEL BALLOU The Imbiss "Untergarten" Story by Kurt Hoffman "The Giant" (1999) and The Living Frame (Bklyn Bk Yd) With "Dust to Dawn" Super 8 (July/August 2001)


MICHAL KOSAKOWSKI: Just Like the Movies "Just Like the Movies" by Michal Kosakowski almost perfectly creates a "true/fictional" narrative of the 9-11 attacks using footage from dozens of movies like "Independence Day" and "Die Hard III."

and a video by AMY PATTON: A Satisfied Mind Excerpts from three unrelated 16mm films found tangled together in a garbage bag are "hijacked" into a narrative framework of the artist's design.


only in german

Matt Marello, Matt Freedman, Michael Ballou and Michal Kosakowski, Amy Patton