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‘Flower Show’ at Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park, is a group exhibition of twelve international artists who use or depict flowers in their practice. Coinciding with Chelsea Flower Show across the river, it will feature works of all descriptions, from paintings, drawings, photographs and digital animation, to real and mechanical flowers. It is guaranteed to be bold, bright and beautiful and, with such a variety of work from across the artistic spectrum throughout the four gallery spaces, will have a wide appeal.

Visitors arriving will be unable to miss Michael Landy’s ‘Barrow 1’, a fresh flower stall situated in the gallery entrance and then Lei Cox’s ‘Flower Field (version 4)’ an installation consisting of digital projection and talking flower sculptures. Mat Collishaw brings a new perspective to traditional genres; in his work he overlays portraits of prostitutes with flower still-lifes and then projects light through the resulting image. Anya Gallaccio examines the transitoriness of nature, using gerberas housed under glass which slowly decay throughout the course of the exhibition. Leo de Goede looks at the interpretation of plants through his drawings of lace flower forms, whilst abstract flower forms also prevail in Mike Glier’s drawings.

Willem van Zoetendaal reworks archive photographs of tulips and Olaf Nicolai offers a perfume for trees. A tranquil atmosphere is apparent in the work of Thomas A. Clark. An artist and poet whose work often takes the form of installations or site-specific interventions into the landscape or in gardens, for ‘Flower Show’ he will be producing a series of May flower drawings, botanical in approach, with wall painted text. Ian Hamilton Finlay presents a series of silhouettes of WW2 ‘Flower’ class corvettes, their names appearing as anagrams underneath each boat also being named after a flower). Meticulously painted flower forms by Canadian Lisa Milroy and Jo Self’s giant single blooms will present a contemporary styling of a traditional subject.


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Flower Show

mit Thomas A. Clark & Laurie Clark, Mat Collishaw, Lei Cox, Anya Gallaccio, Mike Glier, Leo de Goede, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Michael Landy, Lisa Milroy, Olaf Nicolai, Jo Self, Willem van Zoetendaal