press release

For Keeps is a unique opportunity to see Auckland Art Gallery's collecting activity with a sample of works acquired in the past three years.

Each year, the gallery expands its collection of 14,000 works by around 170 new items which are bought, gifted or on long-term loan from the Chartwell Collection.

For Keeps highlights the diversity of emerging art practice with bold displays by new artists. Curator Natasha Conland says they show an innovative approach to materials..."Their canny ability to make everyday objects do painless visual acrobatics, with a soft and often beautiful landing."

Major works by renowned New Zealand artists Michael Parekowhai, Peter Robinson and Julian Dashper are showcased alongside works by international artists including Annette Messager (France), Bill Henson and Hany Armanious (Australia).

For Keeps: Sampling Recent Acquisitions 2006 - 2009
Kurator: Natasha Conland

Künstler: Michael Parekowhai, Peter Robinson, Julian Dashper, Annette Messager, Bill Henson, Hany Armanious ...