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This exhibition presents the graphic works of contemporary sculptors and multimedia artists such as Eva Hesse, Richard Serra, Martin Puryear and Rachel Whiteread. In these 18 works the artists move beyond the preparatory sketches or supplementary diagrams that are traditionally connected with the graphic range of sculptors. They are original compositions in which the labored process of creating a three-dimensional form is translated onto a two-dimensional surface. By rethinking the use of traditional materials, as well as experimenting with unconventional ones, these artists expand the formal and conceptual possibilities of drawing and printmaking. Curated by Eric Lutz, assistant curator of prints, drawings and photographs, and Ann-Maree Walker, research assistant, Form in Translation: Sculptors Making Prints and Drawings will be on view in Galleries 321 and 322, June 25—September 19, 2010.

Sculptors Making Prints and Drawings
Form in Translation
Kuratoren: Eric Lutz, Ann-Maree Walker

Künstler: Lee Bontecou, Eva Hesse, Richard Serra, Martin Puryear, Rachel Whiteread ...