press release


Serpentine Sackler Gallery
West Carriage Drive
London W2 2AR

Formafantasma: Cambio
(04.03.2020 - 17.05.2020)

The Serpentine presents Cambio by Formfantasma, a radical new design exhibition.

Formafantasma are an Italian design duo based in Amsterdam whose work looks at design's ecological and political responsibilities. Cambio continues their investigations into experimental materials and detailed explorations of the transformation of natural resources into commodities, with a focus on the timber industry. Situated between the sourcing of raw materials and processes of production, the discipline of design occupies a vantage point from which to observe and critique timber’s global infrastructure and its multiple scales.

This project seeks connections with science, conservation, engineering and policymaking, adopting a pioneering multidisciplinary approach to contemporary design. Cambio offers a re-evaluation of our relationship with trees and poses a series of essential questions about design and sustainability, most pertinently: What can we do to better understand the connection between the objects we use and the conditions that produced them?

Formafantasma return to the Serpentine following their participation in Serpentine’s Radical Kitchen Live Programme and the Work Marathon in 2018.