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April 2006 will be the starting point for the fifth edition of FotoGrafia - international festival of Rome, hosted by the most prominent museums of Rome, also this year at Musei Capitolini, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Palazzo Braschi, Palazzo Fontana di Trevi and the Museo Andersen. A format that involves foreign cultural institutes, art galleries, bookshops, train stations, clubs and pubs, in over 80 exhibitions, and also events, meetings and projections.

FotoGrafia is a founding member of the European Month of Photography, along with Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Bratislava, Luxembourg, Wien and Budapest, promoting italian photography all over the world. Besides, it is the only italian partner of the Photo Festival Union, an association of over 20 european photography festivals.

Each year, FotoGrafia assigns to an internationally renowned photographer the production of an original work on the city of Rome. After Josef Koudelka, Olivo Barbieri and Anders Petersen, this time the one who will bring a never-seen-before look on Rome will be Martin Parr with his images stuffed with irony, exclusively for the festival. "Tutta Roma" (All Rome) is the provisional title of the exhibition that will be held at the Musei Capitolini on April 2006. Like every year, the participating artists will have to stick to a main theme chosen by FotoGrafia. After "La Memoria - The memory" (2002), "Roma e le comunità - Rome and the communities" (2003), "Dura Bellezza - Tough beauty" (2004) and "Oriented" (2005), this year's theme will be "Novecento" - the nineteenth century. A century that has been able to blend the most innovative contemporary art with straight photography, raising them like a single expression of art and popular communication, featured by a remarkable aesthetic and ethic rigour.

FotoGrafia is promoted by the Municipality of Rome and produced by zoneattive with the artistic direction of Marco Delogu.


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FotoGrafia - Festival Internazionale di Roma
parte la V° edizione
künstlerischer Direktor: Marco Delogu

Veranstaltungsorte: Musei Capitolini; Museo di Roma in Trastevere; Palazzo Braschi; Palazzo Fontana di Trevi; Museo Andersen

mit Gabriele Basilico, Letizia Battaglia, Cristiano Berti, Martin Parr, Olivier Fermariello, Leonie Purchas, Francesca Lazzarini, Mette Maersk, Jules Spinatsch, Luca Nostri, Franco Zecchin, Roger Ballen, Paola Agosti, Antonio Biasiucci, Roberto Bossaglia, Daniele Fragapane, Marina Malabotti, Marialba Russo, Luigi Ghirri, Luca Campigotto, Riccardo Mazzoni, Lorenzo Vitturi, Eva Frapiccini, Lea Eouzan, Giuseppe Cavalli, Enrico Appetito, Monica Carocci, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Mario Rossi, Wang Gongxin, Lin Tianmiao, Han Lei / Chang Hsing-yu, Mihail Moldoveanu, Gea Casolaro, Andre Citroen, Nicolas Tikhomiroff, Luigi Ghirri, Aurora Reinhard, Luca Tommasini, Zazie Gnecchi Ruscone / Alberta Cuccia, Franco Mapelli, Paolo Soriani