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Galerie Nordenhake is pleased to present a solo show with German artist Franka Hörnschemeyer. “Aufenthaltswahrscheinlichkeit” comprises new works by the artist. Hörnschemeyer’s main subject is space. By calling the viewer’s perception to unperceived sections of the space and by her uncommon usage of building material she confronts us with a new spatial experience, challenging our understanding of architecture. The artist’s definition of space is not a traditional one: matter and space are equal. The material she uses originates from an architectural context: sheetrock, form-work, sheeting and supports are re-used to produce new ensembles.

In front of the windows facing the street Hörnschemeyer built an over-life-size, space-capturing structure, which is accessible from two sides and obstructs the visitor’s view into and inside the gallery.

The sheetrock – showing traces of the process of constructing – originates from three former installations she did, i.e. “Trockenbau. Fassadenraum” (1990), “GKB 250” (2005) and “Trockenbau. Durch 100 x 3,3” (1989). Different layers of time and place are entangled, so an uncommon compression of time and space is presented. By confronting the room-like structure with the hanging installation opposite the artist creates a vital tension in the main gallery. The standing piece’s bright colour and vibrant surface texture of views/vistas and protruding sheetrock-bundles contrast with the second work’s materiality and appearance. The hanging installation is made of a wooden sheeting component and swings when touched. Again, Hörnschemeyer re-used material from a former installation she did.

At the entrance area of the gallery, Franka Hörnschemeyer presents twelve platinum prints made in Dresden in 2000. These small photographs depict impressions of the East German city from the re- unification transformation process untouched areas. With this medium, too, the artist explores issues of space and architecture. The brownish platinum prints look like early photographs of the 19th century, and so different entangle various layers of time and place here as well.

The title “probality of finding” refers to the quantum physics and describes the probality to find a quantum in a region. In the figurative sense Franka Hörneschemeyer expresses an unstable dimension, something that is likely but not certain. So she invites us to re-think our idea of space and experience a new sense of architecture by entering the built structures.

Franka Hörnschemeyer was born in Osnabrück in 1958. She lives and works in Berlin. The artist presented her work in several solo and groups shows nationally and internationally. Important projects are “BDF – bündig fluchtend dicht”, Deutscher Bundestag, 1998-2001; “PSE 900”, Kunsthalle Hamburg, 2000; “TSE 11022”, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart Berlin, 2002. Simultaneously with her show at Galerie Nordenhake Franka Hörnschemeyer participates in the international exhibition “Ideal City – Invisible Cities” which takes place in Potsdam from September 9 until October 29, 2006. It is for the first time that Hörnschemeyer presents her works in a solo show at Galerie Nordenhake.


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Franka Hörnschemeyer